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Readers’ Favorite

Britfield and the Lost Crown by C. R. Stewart is a perfect mixture of fast-paced excitement,  (more…)

Hannah, Age 13
Kids’ BookBuzz – 5 Stars!

“Tom just barely escapes the evil orphanage with his friend Sarah to follow the clues (more…)

Chanticleer Book Review

“Britfield and the Lost Crown delivers as a detailed and intriguing first-in-series read that is sure to capture the attention of the middle grade (more…)

Kirkus Reviews

“In this series opener, Stewart offers nearly nonstop action, with escapades both perilous and amusing, and exhilarating hairsbreadth escapes. (more…)

Children’s Literary Classics

“Author C.R. Stewart’s Britfield & The Lost Crown is a thrilling tale with loads of adventure and unexpected twists that will captivate youth audiences.” (more…)

Parents’ Choice Awards

“At the beginning of C. R. Stewart’s marvelous new audiobook, Britfield and the Lost Crown, 12-year-old Tom and his best friend Sarah are wards at the Weatherly Orphanage (more…)

Midwest Book Review

“A joy to read to the very last page, Britfield & The Lost Crown is a high- spirited saga, enthusiastically recommended (more…)

The Booklife Prize

“Capable and charismatic young characters escape the confines of an inhumane orphanage on a quest to uncover the truth about the protagonist’s parents. (more…)

Audiofile Magazine

“Narrator Ian Russell carries listeners along for a thrilling, fast-paced adventure about two kids, Tom and Sarah, who run away from (more…)

Wayne Thomas Batson
Best-Selling Author
The Door Within Trilogy

“As a middle school English teacher of 28 years and a multiple bestselling author for middle grade books, I can honestly say Britfield (more…)

Everett P

I thought it was thrilling, exciting, and just flat out amazing.

Jacquelyn F

Britfield was one of those books that make you never want to put it down.

Seth M

I liked how there was a lot of tension throughout the story.
There was never a lull in the action.

Olivia T

What I liked most about this book is that it was realistic.
What I would change is nothing, because I thought it was amazing.

Katie R

It was great, everything about it was perfect. A pleasure to read.
I can’t think of anything I did not like.

Sydney S

It was a wonderful book that was full of surprises. I loved that no matter how hard I tried,
I couldn’t predict what would happen next. It kept me on the edge of my seat.

Jaclyn S

I think Britfield was outstanding.

Jenna O

I loved it all, the adventure, mystery and the twists.

Julia B

Britfield had a ton of action. I can’t wait for book two.

Lauren W

I never knew what would happen next.

Angelina K

I thought Britfield was awesome. It’s the best book I’ve ever read.
I can’t wait for the second book.

Katie B

I personally loved how the mystery sucked me into the book so much that I didn’t want to come out.

Gillian T

I think that Britfield was a one-of-a-kind story.

Abby G

Britfield is a very unique book.
I think it is cool that C. R. Stewart added a little bit of history to the book.

Hope F

It was unlike any books I have ever read. It was the greatest book ever.
It was full of twists and turn, mystery and adventure. It set me off my seat.

Eli A

I think that it was a great book. Good for all ages.

Anna M

Love it! I thought that it was so good that I regretted that I had read it because the second book is
so far away from being published.

Ahmani W

I just really love the story.

Emma C

I thought that Britfield and the Lost Crown was a phenomenal book. Being creative, detailed and suspenseful, it grabbed me in and didn’t let go. I loved everything about Britfield! I can’t wait for the sequel!

Collin H

I think Britfield and the Lost Crown was an exciting story.

Caden M

I liked how it had a lot of action, and I was entertained throughout the whole story.

Joshua R

I thought the book was awesome. Lots of action, and it was funny.
I liked all the historical facts about England that I didn’t know. I learned a lot.

John N

I’ve never read a book like it.

Nicole H

I liked how it was always full of life and adventure.
The book always captured my attention. I think the book is perfect.

Ashley S

This book was absolutely wonderful.
It literally felt like I was watching a movie the entire time.

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