Britfield & The Lost Crown
Theatrical Play

“A Smashing Success!”

The award-winning, best-selling adventure novel Britfield & the Lost Crown is now a Theatrical Play! Creating an interactive world of mystery and adventure, culture and education, Britfield is about Friendship, Family, and Courage. Entering the World of Britfield, the audience is transported to present-day England: Starting in the smoldering crags of Yorkshire, the exciting story travels through the heart of England, to Oxford University, Windsor Castle, London, and to the shores of Dover. Utilizing sound effects and digital pictures, the theatrical production feels like a real-life adventure. With creative set designs, including a hot air balloon, the fun and fast-paced story provides an amazing experience for students and families.

“One of the Most Exciting Plays in Decades!”

“Britfield is Reviving Classical Theater in America.”

“Felt like I was in an Action Movie!”

“Thrilling, entertaining, and hilarious all at once!”

“Has you hanging on the edge of your seat!”

Purchase the Britfield Theatrical Package today and schedule your Production! Everything is available to download right to your computer or USB drive: All the tools you need to explore, create, and share an amazing theater experience with your students. Signed Britfield & the Lost Crown paperback books can be shipped directly to your address.

Britfield is Unique Theater Experience

  • Based on the Multi-Award-Winning Book
  • Center on Family, Friendship, and Courage
  • Wonderful Learning Experience: England
  • Perfect Curriculum Integration (Study Guide)
  • Speaking roles for between 15 to 30+ Actors
  • Takes Place in Current Time (easy costumes)
  • An Actor’s Play with Intriguing Characters
  • Soon to become a Major Motion Picture
  • Adored by Parents, Children, and Teachers Alike

Cost $749 (Which includes)

  • Licensing (3-years)
  • Downloadable Actor’s Script
  • Downloadable Director’s Script
  • Detailed Director’s Notes
  • 29 Sound Effects
  • 53 Breathtaking Projection Slides
  • Opening/Transition Music
  • Media Kit (Poster)
  • 10 signed paperback books (Britfield & the Lost Crown)
  • Complimentary Study Guide
  • 30-minute Author Zoom Call (Q & A)
  • 1-hour Theatrical Consultation
  • Online Customer Support


Cost $249 (Which includes)

  • Downloadable Actor’s Script
  • Media Kit (Poster)
  • Complimentary Study Guide
  • Online Customer Support


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