Do you write anything other than novels?

I truly enjoy writing, but it’s extremely demanding. It takes an enormous amount of time and dedication to produce a finished work. I pace myself, and I’m careful about selecting each project. With that said, I finished a feature-length screenplay for a psychological spy thriller Devonfield Productions may produce as a feature film. Last year. I finished another screen play, which is a romantic comedy that takes place in Massachusetts. I’m also currently writing a play based on the extraordinary friendship between C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, which I hope to stage in 2019/2020. Ironically, I began writing screenplays before I started writing novels, but over a decade passed before I got back to it. When I did, it was a fun and challenging experience. I think scriptwriting is a great way to learn structure and storytelling: it is concise with certain mechanisms (plot points) expected on specific pages and you never waste words, so it helps you to become a disciplined writer who can stay focused on the story. It was from this training that I was able to write Britfield & the Lost Crown; although some of the descriptions or dialogue changed throughout the many drafts, the structure and framework never did. I also think it’s important to challenge yourself, try different writing styles and mix it up. I wrote my spy thriller screenplay as a break before I completed my final edit on Britfield & the Rise of the Lion, Book II. The process helped me look at things differently and refine my skills as a writer.

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