Join My Next Creativity Workshop!

Join the Britfield Creativity Workshop

September 14-18

Discover why Creativity is the single most important Skill in the World. Learn how to be more creative, launch a company, publish a book, market a product, and excel competitively. We’ll review successful influencers, companies, movies, novels, and brands. 

Monday (9/14) Fostering Creativity

Tuesday (9/15) Storytelling: Writing Movies & Novels

Wednesday (9/16) Creating & Launching a Business

Thursday (9/17) Marketing a Brand or Product

Friday (9/18) Creativity: Essential Principles & Practices


Through this virtual course (Zoom), you will improve your creativity, can ask questions, and receive a Course Workbook Outline. Each class is recorded and available if you miss a session. Priced at $85.00, our Workshops fill up fast. Each class is 1-hour (followed by Q & A)

12:00 PM (PST) Monday-Friday, beginning Monday, September 14th.

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