Dallas, TX Book Tour Entry #4

Thank you OCS Eagles for inviting me and making me feel so welcome!

“I loved watching how the kids responded to you! They are so excited about having the books in their hands. Your presentation is off the charts excellent and we were all wanting more! Wish time allotted for us to have you for at least another hour.”– Ovilla Christian School, Red Oak, TX

And now for some little known factoids about Dallas, TX:

  1. Before Red Oak, a suburb of Dallas, was given its name in 1849, it was known as Possum Trot due to the possum population that lived there.

  2. At 17,207 acres (27 square miles), the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is larger than all of Manhattan (22.82 square miles).

  3. Before becoming a gambler and gunslinger, Wyatt Earp’s sidekick John Henry Holliday was a dentist in Dallas. That’s why they call him Doc, get it?